Village Allahdad Laghari

Village Allahdad Laghari depends upon more then 1000 houses, about 1500 families lives there, almost 2 or 3 hundred houses are damaged, more then 80 animals died in this village, few people came out to stay at road, and safer areas, while they are suffering from malaria, Gastro, and many other hygienic illnesses. 
Affected people are temporary settled at PTCL office 

There is only one room in while 5 families are there including
 children and animals

Animals of the people of the village on road, and they also sleep there
with families and innocent babies, while bunches of mosquitoes
take over upon them and not let to sleep all the night.

Animals drink this dirty water and in average every day 50 animal dies 

Village Allahdad Laghari

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